Welcome to VocaNyan productions’ blog.

I would first like to thank everyone who follows my vocaloid works on YouTube, but if you have not yet visited my channel please view it here.

This Blog will be a place to update you about my works and other news relating to my vocaloid activities.

I would also like to take now to say I do buy every vocaloid I own and do not illegally download them. the Vocaloids i own at the moment are


– Miku Hatsune

-Rin & Len Kagamine ACT2

-Rin & Len Kagamine Append

-Luka Megurine


– Kamui Gakupo




– SF-A2 Miki

-Kaai Yuki

– Iroha Nekomura

-Yukari Yuzuki


-Yuma (VY2)



KI/OON Records

– Piko Utatane

SBS arch tech

– SeeU

Moe Japan

– Tone Rion


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