The Memory of The Somber Queen

This Is a Instrumental track I composed to be included in My Vocaloid series “Memory Chronicles”. This is the 2nd song in the series and is a prelude to my next song “Memory Breaker”.

I really wanted to give the feel of somber elegance. I hope you enjoy this.


FL studio And the Elusive Cd.

I just got FL studio. I think I finally got the basics down, but it’s still very difficult. I don’t have a lot of music education, so i think i will start studying up and maybe that will make it easier on me. On the other note I’m ridiculously excited that I finally was able to track down and purchase キカイ仕掛けの謎刻(Mechanical Mystery). This CD has the Append versions of the Riddler who can’t solve riddles and the Riddler who won’t solve riddles. It’s so rare, but $70 bucks later, It’s mine and oh so amazing.

I love the art too.

Here is the CrossFade.


Update and Are you visiting my blog?

Finished writing the lyrics for my next original song entitled Memory Breaker it will be featuring CUL. I also wanted to know how many people actually check out this blog regulary, so if you don’t mind please fill out this questionnaire as a comment on this post.


1. do you look at this blog often?

2.what is your favorite vocaloid you follow me on twitter

4. do you subscribe to me on YouTube

5. what kind of things would you like this blog to also have ( vocaloid related travels, journal, etc..)