Update and Are you visiting my blog?

Finished writing the lyrics for my next original song entitled Memory Breaker it will be featuring CUL. I also wanted to know how many people actually check out this blog regulary, so if you don’t mind please fill out this questionnaire as a comment on this post.


1. do you look at this blog often?

2.what is your favorite vocaloid

3.do you follow me on twitter

4. do you subscribe to me on YouTube

5. what kind of things would you like this blog to also have ( vocaloid related travels, journal, etc..)



2 responses to “Update and Are you visiting my blog?

  1. 1. I’ve probably been checking it once or twice a week, just based on whatever my compulsions are. Then again I’m probably best off adding this to my RSS feed! Then I wouldn’t have to wait around for updates! Haaaah, I need to switch to google reader so that I have the same feed on my desktop that’s on my netbook ;;orz

    2. Heeeee, I love Meiko’s voice the best I think. I also really like Luka, Gumi, and SeeU. Len’s my favorite male voice but I don’t run into songs of his that I like so often. I’m a little undecided on which V3s (other than SeeU) hold my favour at the moment, I’m leaning towards Yukari or IA at the moment but that’s probably based more on their character designs. I’m not too familiar with the nuances in their voices yet, so I think I’ll let that pot boil for a few months.

    alt-rock/rock is my mainstay genre (among eclectic tastes) so that might shed some light on these opinions of mine.

    3. No, but I don’t follow anyone on twitter so don’t worry XD

    4. Yes : O

    5. “Vocaloid Related Travels”, I’m not sure what that means but it sounds intriguing : O.

    I would also be interested in your experiences in working with individual vocaloids, considering the bafflingly expansive collection you have (Baffling considering only that they’re like two hundred dollars each, which is amazing to this particular internet-goer XDD;;).

    Considering what you have posted before, and from what I’ve seen you write before of your discerning tastes in vocaloid stuff, I think it would also be interesting to listen to what you consider top-notch stuff. I get a little taste of that from my YT subscription, but I think the stuff that you’d remember to post on your wordpress blog would truly be…ZE BEST OF ZE BEST.

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