FL studio And the Elusive Cd.

I just got FL studio. I think I finally got the basics down, but it’s still very difficult. I don’t have a lot of music education, so i think i will start studying up and maybe that will make it easier on me. On the other note I’m ridiculously excited that I finally was able to track down and purchase キカイ仕掛けの謎刻(Mechanical Mystery). This CD has the Append versions of the Riddler who can’t solve riddles and the Riddler who won’t solve riddles. It’s so rare, but $70 bucks later, It’s mine and oh so amazing.

I love the art too.

Here is the CrossFade.



3 responses to “FL studio And the Elusive Cd.

  1. Recently I’ve been mussing around with FL Studio too! I have very little musical education but I’ve gotten some tips in the past around the web that you might find helpful:

    – In a sixteen step drum sequence the kick should be on step 1 and there should be two snares on steps 5 and 13 or one snare on 9. You can add further snares/kicks/noises but that pattern is the base that you build everything else on

    and a snare can be exchanged for a clap or other such similar sounds

    and I watched a video (Over at this site and they have a bunch of synthesizing tutorial things and I think I may go look at some more actually: http://thedspproject.com/alvaro-lopez-on-drum-programming ) where a drummer put hats as a component of the base as well, so that’s probably something to consider.

    – And I’ve also heard that bass parts should play the “root” of a musical scale to keep a piece grounded. And I find that really really helps even though I suck at scales o__o;

    – And in synthesizer talk ADSR or Attack Decay Sustain Release are pretty important. I find that adjusting the attack and release have the biggest impact on the sound, but Attack and Decay are supposed to define the character of a sound.

    Annd that’s all I can think of that I found really helpful and I hope it helps you find resources that are way better than what I said as just some commenter : O

    And also Sakura is my favourite demo plugin to mess around with but I don’t think I’ll be able to buy it right away, I can’t even buy a vocaloid or FL Studio right away =w=;; I’ve found that FL Slayer can produce a similar, albiet less realistic effect. At least, the parameters are pretty similar. Which is cool because the parameters that it is missing are the ones that I have no idea how to use XD;; (fine-tuning stuff that I don’t have the ear for…yetttttttt)

    I wanna go figure out how to make a violin-ish sound with Slayer now )=w=)9

    Also aw jeez that album art is gor-goo-us. So jealous :O

    Does it hint at an actual solution to the “mystery”? I always found that part of the video to be pretty underwhelming XD

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