San Fransico Adventures.

Yesterday I woke up and my dad asked me if I wanted to go to San Fransisco. We left around 10:00 and arrived about 11:00. I think most of my friends no that, when visiting Japan Town in SF, The first thing is semi sprint to Kinokuniya to check out the vocaloid booth. I was so lucky to come this day as I was able to get the best of Nem , Vocalogemini, and the two newest Aku no Musume novels. I had no Idea that it happened to be Japan Day, so after eating, I stopped to she some performances. On our way back my dad turned off our normal coarse so we could visit Kinokuniya San Jose. I WAS EVEN MORE LUCKY ABOUT GOING TO SAN JOSE!. At San Jose I was able to get a new vocaloid Cd I have been wanting called Casino. I got the free poster, as well as BokaroPlus 5. If you wanna see any pictures of the trip loot, visit my Twitter.


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